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Your GREAT Opportunity

“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes”


Henry J Kaiser

American Industrialist, known as ‘the father of modern shipbuilding’





  • What’s the “problem”?

We have an enormous skills gap in East Africa that forces employers to recruit 1,000s of technicians and engineers from outside the region.

  • What’s the “opportunity”?

For you to leave PPEA Welding Institute, in 3 months’ time, with an Internationally Accredited Qualification, and immediately secure well-paid employment within or outside the region.



So, if you’re ready to put on your “work clothes”, you’re probably asking these 3 questions:

What will I GET? – Qualified

  • a UK Accredited Welding Qualification

  • an Internationally Recognized Welding Qualification

What does this MEAN? – Work

  • multiple opportunities for Lucrative Employment within or outside the region

  • a Monthly Salary of KES 75,000 and above

What will it COST? – Time and Money

  • a Time Commitment of 3 months

  • a Financial Commitment of KES 100,000


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